What’s LEO Innovation Lab

Developing Innovative Digital Health Solution

LEO iLab doesn’t develop medical treatments – it builds digital solutions that address the challenges of the modern patient journey.

Established by LEO Pharma as a small organization, the iLab is built to drive radical innovation to bring innovation to market faster. Work is enabled by LEO Pharma’s unique ownership structure – owned by the LEO Foundation, with no shareholders, all profits are reinvested to help patients.


Health Tech




Digital Product Designer
iOS, Android, Web

The Role

Designing Experiences For All Types Of Skin

Within my project, Imagine App, my role is to design and user-test experiences that can help users with a skin disease, to identify and monitor their skin condition, using imaging through-out Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision.

During this process, I’ve improved the application experience, and visually rebranded Imagine, significantly increasing acquisition and retention of new users.

Imagine App