I'm Luis,

Product Designer

I'm Luis da Silva,
Product Designer
based in Europe 🌍

I've been designing and creating meaningful, well thought & good-looking iOS and
Android apps; this includes Smartphones, Tablets, and Smartwatches. I love to work
with a team who value design, platform guidelines, simplicity, and accessibility.
I already had the opportunity to work close with San Francisco and New York startups,
CCleaner, Channel 4 UK, Scout24, and many others.

Drop me a message and lets talk.

What I Do
UI/UX Design

I design clean, and beautiful interfaces for the best user experience. From wireframing, to a functional prototype.


I set up UX discussions with the team, in order to ideate and find the best solutions for specific UX problems.


I love to create interactions. Motion is essential to bring digital products to life, and it helps to guide any users.

Mobile Apps

Android or iOS; I design for both platforms. I have an excellent understanding of both platforms patterns and guidelines.

User Testing

I user test solutions in order to validate design decisions. It's an important key point for a successful product.


I create low, and high-fidelity prototypes to get a better understanding of the product before development.

Recent Works
Web + Mobile
Web + Mobile
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